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Patricia Gillespie
Jun 15, 2018
I neglected to mention that I probably know more extended Brant family than Conley. No matter I wish only happy memories for everyone. I will be with all in spirit on Saturday. I pray the place will be packed!!
Patrica Gillespie
Jun 14, 2018
I did not know Korrina, but I sure wish I had. I do know her mom and dad and many of the Conley extended family. I know Korrina’s best friend and from reading Facebook posts have learned Lia has been about as perfect a best friend as can be found!! I can’t even fathom burying a child and my heart goes out to Jane and Tom. Someone so young who has accomplished so much is to be honored with joyful memories and I join those who are doing just that! Memories are built on what is known. Because I did not know her personally I rely on what I have learned about her. Her husband, children, family and friends have a lot to remember and live up to. Westport Central school alumni and staff should a...lso be very proud of their part in making Korrina the woman she became. My love and condolences to all!!Read more
Samuel and Lucy Godfrey
Jun 13, 2018
Jason we are very sorry for your loss. We did not know your wife but you have our deepest condolences. She seemed like a beautiful person.
mary seymour
Jun 13, 2018
I am very sorry for the dupery family .I send my prays and thoughts to all. Sh is a special day that loved her ability in life. She is a great mother and wife to a lot of family. Jason you have a gold to do and that is to always have memories of her and your kids. Love your family and your mom and dad. Sorry but, I will not make it to the funeral but, I will be there in your memories.